You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

That epiphany moment when you remove the blinders and realise!

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Good, bad, hard to say

Tuesday Sep 03, 2019

Tuesday Sep 03, 2019

Dale Williams has a coaching business, focused on men in the trade and construction industry. Dale has completed a results coaching course with Authentic Coaching, Timeline Therapy and NLP. He is an inspiring guy to be around and listen to. In this podcast we cover: 
Dale's recent experience at a 3 Day Men's Retreat run by Cosmos Warriors.
Disconnect to reconnect
"I'm not capable" self talk.
How a job site injury put my dream on hold.
Coaching and working with people to believe in realising their potential.
The trade industry does courageous but not vulnerability. "From what I know now, I believe they are interrelated."
What to do if you are thinking about getting into coaching.
"Toxic work environments come home with you whether it's your choice or not. And the negativity can manifest".
"I was one of those people that thought one person couldn't change the world."
Living in a minimalistic way.
"I use to exist in the model of society, where you never spoke about your feelings. Just kept your head down."
Dreams change. 

Burnout Coach

Monday Jul 29, 2019

Monday Jul 29, 2019

Dex Randall coaches men on managing, reducing and preventing burnout. After experiencing severe burnout himself, Dex feels drawn to helping others - and showing them how easy and quickly you can recover from burnout and consequently live a happier more fulfilled life. 
The topics we cover: 
What is burnout?
The symptoms of burnout 
Who is most susceptible to burnout.
'Having to cope' - leads to burnout.
Burnout is portable - it's likely you will take it to your next job. 
The habit of burnout.
The impacts of our changing work culture 
"I quit my job and 3 weeks later had a massive heart attack".
Suffering silently 
"Unlearning everything I knew"
Asking for help - The strength of vulnerability
The incidence of burnout is being pushed down the age spectrum.
The correlation between high achievers and burnout 
Most people know they are in burnout 
Leaking time vs efficient ways of working
Meditation - the one basic thing everyone can do
To connect with Dex

The Absolute Truth

Friday Jul 12, 2019

Friday Jul 12, 2019

If you ever think about what is the true essence of life?, Why are we here for?, What is it that we are seeking, searching, chasing?.... this one is for you. 
We speak to Vijay Gokarn. On the surface, he appears like a regular guy... but it doesn't take long to work out there is a whole lot more going on... particularly in respect to spirituality.
He is one of the most evolved and understated spiritual persons I have come across.
The topics we cover include: 
A word is only a formation of a concept in the mind 
The absolute truth.
There is nothing to attain.
The veil / fog - covers up the truth.
The swinging pendulum will continue if you think of yourself as the doer. 
Doing what is required to be done in the moment. 
Wallowing in and/or glorifying the past and the future.
Sri Ramana Maharshi - One of the greatest Saints. 
Good and bad is a construct of society. 
The quest of 'Who Am I".
Past lives, Karma, Deja Vu, Channelling, Fortune Telling. 
Believing is seeing.
Don't look for answers, don't worry, go inwards.
The current state of humanity.
Techniques on how to remove the fog.

Your Soul Purpose

Tuesday Jul 09, 2019

Tuesday Jul 09, 2019

In this episode we speak with Anjani Amriit, a Soul Purpose Mentor.
Anjani works with assisting senior executives, small business owners, and organisations to activate greater purpose for greater impact - in their career, relationships, finance, businesses and wellbeing.
Anjani is a qualified Psycosynthesis Coach, Ayurvedic Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Energetics Expert. Her intuitive skills, enthusiasm and dynamism bring clarity, rapid transformation. She helps her clients to make the seemingly impossible, possible.
Our podcast with Anjani covers the following themes: 
Losing sight of what's meaningful to us. 
You don't have to leave your day job to find your soul purpose.P
Life & Happiness are an inside job.
Look out for the synchronicities.
Technology has become our master. 
When you are always in your head, you are not connecting with your natural intelligence.
"On the outside I looked like I made it. On the inside I was falling apart". 
Purpose is not one thing... it's a guiding light.
It starts with a desire to make a change. 
Doing endings well. 
We don't trust our natural intelligence because it's beyond the mind. 
Signs telling me I'm not following my purpose.
No one will know what's best for you.  
To connect with Anjani 

Friday Jun 21, 2019

This one was an exciting mind-stretch!
Our guest Sheila Vijeyarasa is an Intuitive Coach. Four months ago, Sheila was balancing her Intuitive Coaching with her Financial Corporate job. But this has all changed. 
What we cover in this podcast: 
 What is an intuitive coach?
 A "conscious shift" awakening - where the ego is shattered. 
The Corporate Ladder
Don't ever waste a crisis
Feelings are your intuitive abilities working gently
We fear, fear, itself.
When your beliefs sets become challenged.
You will only read and absorb what you are ready for.
The questions my clients are asking
Timeline Therapy
Blockages, repeated patterns, goals you are trying to reach but it's not happening
The guidance / spirit team
"I don't need to be in a job to keep myself busy."
"I don't think anyone has one purpose".
Tony Robbins, The Ashram in India - You can't not change.
Having fun and playing more.
Tips on how to tap into your intuitive self.
Moving into action.
Advice if feeling stuck.
How 'Readings' are started.

Tuesday Apr 16, 2019

We talk to Geoff Evison, an Ultra Trail Runner. We are not just talking 100km runs, but 245 kms runs. Which takes 38 hours (on a good run) to complete, if you do actually complete it.
Why does a level headed guy like Geoff, feel the need to get up seven days a week and train for one running challenge after the other? 
What we cover in our podcast with Geoff: 
 A tiny dabble in politics and travelling through India.
"I hate running. But what I love about running is everything it gives me."
The transition from road running to ultra trail running.
10 years of trail running.
"My legs normally start hurting at the 45km mark."
Adjusting your mind. Anything above a half marathon has very little to do with running.
I run to maximise life. Two days of running 100 miles gives you one year of emotions.
The deep dark hole.
Running long distances becomes a game of problem solving.
"There has been lots of tears."
When will it be time to quit?
12 weeks training plan.
"Running is very different from any other sport I have done before."
Are there more worthwhile things to do with my time?
Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc
"When you want to give up and your totally spent. And you think you've had enough. You're at about 35%."
The impact of running across other areas of life.
Running is a gender equaliser.
Geoff's instructions to his wife: "Unless there is something sticking out of me... don't let me pull out."
Will Geoff still be running 10 years from now?  

A Role Model of Excellence

Monday Oct 29, 2018

Monday Oct 29, 2018

Welcome Rachel Bourke from SalesSPACE (a Sales Coaching Business for SMEs). Rachel has had a lifelong career in the coaching field... and continues to evolve. 
A must listen for anyone looking to start and/or build their coaching business. 
What we cover: 
A role model of excellence 
Inspired by high performance / talent mastery
No show ponies 
Do what you are passionate and talented at 
Sales conversion - Your beliefs & taking the lead 
Coaching Industry - Competition & client awareness 
"If you get serious you get stupid"
The perfect client 
The power of the process 
Why are you different?
The impact of life experiences on how Rachel (we) coaches 
"I felt like I lost my identity"
Neuroscience pulled me out of the spiral 
Working with my husband 
Niche, niche and more niche 
Coaching & mentoring trending
To Connect with Rachel Bourke

Tuesday Sep 18, 2018

This Episode we talk with Mariette Rups-Donnelly from Powerhouse Presentation. We cover: 
Tongue Twisters and how they help you present 
Long slow breathing (and smoking - The Kings Speech)
Pet Hates of presenters 
Gesturing - The good and the bad 
Donald Trumps Presenting Style 
Great Presenters = Congruence with total body, mind, speech, language, emotions.
Being too polished 
To look like what is being said, is being said for the first time 
It's never about you 
Impromptu Presenting is never impromptu 
What does Confidence mean to Mariette and can you fake it? 
The future of presenting.
Small audience vs large audience 
The lack of presentation skills and how it holds you back in life - both professionally and personally.
You don't have to be an extrovert
The big shifts in people Mariette has worked with
Presentation Coaching or Toast Masters? 
The art of acting 
The stillness of the Australian outback 
Going back to what invigorate Mariette when she was younger
Play and Agility 
12 months from now

Tuesday Jul 31, 2018

Episode Eight:
Stress - When it Calls, Stop & Take Notice
Julie Jones is a Productivity Ninja at Think Productive and Chief Seed at Seed Strategy & Innovation. In this podcast Julie talks about her own personal experience with Stress along with helping others reduce their own stress to increase productivity and Live happier lives: Specially covering: 
- What is stress?- The impact of stress on your body - Ignoring the signs of stress- Self acceptance around stress and coping - Taking small steps to change - There's more to life than working - Making time for the things you love- Bringing balance to your business teams- Investing in resting

My Burnout Blessing

Monday Jul 16, 2018

Monday Jul 16, 2018

Catriona Pollard, Owner of CP Communications (PR Agency), Author of 'From Unknown to Expert, Speaker & Trainer, Artist. We speak to Catriona about making the decision to 'start saying 'yes' to life and what this has brought her as a result. Specially covering: 
- Living a Small Life is not for me- Untapped experience and knowledge- Overcoming my fear of Public Speaking- Burning Out- Resisting change versus managing change


How this began.... Way back before podcasts were even a thing I was asking questions. At one of my first jobs someone told me that I should be a reporter because I asked so many questions.

One of my favourite things to do is be exposed to a completely new culture, a new way of living, of thinking. 

I would describe myself as a collector of stories. This is what fuels and excites me. There is no coincidence that my work is in marketing communications - working with business and brands to extract, share and nurture their real story.

I believe a good story is the means to creating a lasting and meaningful connection.

Paul Callaghan, The Dreaming Path, beautifully explains this:
"Everything and everyone has a story. The more stories we share, the more we learn. The more we learn, the more we grow, the closer we are to achieving wellbeing - individually and universally.

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