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From disordered eating to finding the magic

From disordered eating to finding the magic

November 11, 2020

Welcome Katherine Jayne, a Transformation Coach, who helps people struggling with their relationship with food and their bodies, by showing them how to reconnect with their core selves and their needs & emotions so they can live a rich, full and healthy life.

This discussion with Katherine provides deep insights into why we can go down the path of disordered eating and gives suggestions to how we can help ourself (if it's us that is experiencing this) or help someone we know (if it's your child, friend or relative). 

It's a complex area, but the more knowledge, awareness and success stories, like Katherine's, the greater the opportunity to turn around someone's life and/or prevent this experience. 

The themes we cover include: 

  • Disordered Eating & body dissatisfaction
  • Our environment - Body shaming and portraying the perfect body
  • Using food to provide comfort through emotional trauma
  • 10 years of extreme dieting which developed into Bulimia
  • There is a lot of shame and secrecy
  • The belief was that I needed to be a certain size to have value and to be loved
  • Looking back I wish I had spoken out and asked for help sooner
  • Signs for parents to look out for
  • Developing emotional intimacy in the parent-child relationship
  • The increase in body dissatisfaction
  • Focusing on what the body does for us & our inner attributes vs the physical attributes
  • Hayley Lunchem - The body confidence coach
  • Not judging food - moving away from good and bad
  • Doing exercise that lights you up
  • Creating boundaries around people you spend your time & energy with
  • Look to people who have come out of a challenging relationship with their bodies
  • We can empower ourselves to change
  • Finding the magic and love within yourself


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May your shoes follow your heart

May your shoes follow your heart

November 10, 2020

We talk with Tony Meredith, Sales Leadership & Mindset Coach.

You will definitely see yourself in the 10 years ago Tony and the Tony we speak with today. Absolutely love Tony's openness about what his life was and what has it become. The joy in his realisation of what's important and to make changes in his life to reflect this, is super inspirational. 

The following themes give you a flavour of the podcast: 

  • Unfulfilled in what I once thought was my dream life
  • Beginning with the end in mind
  • From gut wrenching to epiphany - how not getting a role changed everything
  • We don't bring the mask down as blokes
  • 12 Week weight transformation challenge - Stick with it + Trust the process + Follow the blueprint
  • Look for areas in your life where you have had success and apply that to other areas
  • When you find your ikigai (your purpose) - then your life is incredibly light
  • January 1st Syndrome - Setting goals because society says we have to have goals
  • I realised that the things I thought were important were not important
  • I never spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted
  • From a high paying job to selling everything down and renting
  • A 3 day thought mastery retreat in the mountains
  • I was always seeking approval - I wanted people to like me
  • Taking alcohol & meat out of my life
  • The universe prepares you for the next thing
  • Overcoming the challenges small business owners face
  • Building a better you
  • Fear shows up in procrastination
  • Tap into your heart

Connect with Tony 

Can we really change?

Can we really change?

August 11, 2020

Liz Tully is proof that we can definitely change. In the last 8 years, Liz has completely changed her life around. From  '8 bottles of wine week' to completely sober, business owner, and helping others change their life around.

Her specialities are in the field of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Personal Development Coaching. She is a big advocate of Hypnotherapy as a fast an effective tool to changing patterns and behaviours that do not serve you. The key topics we discuss in this podcast: 

  1. Hypnotherapy for anxiety - Reprogramming unhelpful behaviours & thought patterns
  2. Most of our lives are run on subconscious patterns 
  3. We are married to our beliefs
  4. "I never believed I could give up drinking" 
  5. My model of the world was - drinking was normal and that I couldn't socialise without it 
  6. I was drinking 8 bottles of wine a week 
  7. The book "Kick the drink easily" by Jason Vale, changed everything for me
  8. People don't cope when you give up alcohol 
  9. I've never once missed drinking 
  10. The first Sales Conference when I didn't drink was a revelation 
  11. My stopping drinking triggered transformation in all aspects of my life 
  12. My (20 year) fear of sharks I no longer have 
  13. I was an anxious person 
  14. "Anxiety is something that you do, not something that you have" 
  15. We learn how to do anxiety very early in life 
  16. I see a lot of confident anxious people - seeking freedom, relief and a sense of calm 
  17. From 2012 to 2020 - I couldn't imagine, not in a million years, the change in me 
  18. Finding my purpose 
  19. The first step to change is awareness


More Heart = Less Fear

More Heart = Less Fear

June 5, 2020

This podcast is super special for me. I speak with my first coach - Babette Bensoussan. Babette introduced me to expanding my awareness in ways I had never previously considered. The quote that lived on her office wall, "A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions", is testament to the person she is and the space she creates. 

Babette Bensoussan, founder of The Mindshift Group, has advised organisations and business leaders for 25 years in the field of Business Strategy and Competitive Intelligence. Babette is a published author, well-regarded speaker and a recognised global authority in this area of business. On top of this Babette is a qualified counsellor, coach, MBTI practitioner and the only practising Australian executive coach certified to use the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) - a revolutionary leadership development tool used to measure, harness and enhance professionalism leadership qualities. 

In this podcast we talk to Babette about coaching - the industry, being coached, and her own personal development/growth experience. Specifically we cover: 

  1. Blindspots and assumptions 
  2. The difference between a Coach, Mentor, Therapist and your family & friends
  3. Coaches get coached - Babette has two coaches 
  4. Corporate Coaching, trending 
  5. If you want to become a coach - Find your niche & become an expert 
  6. The Energy Leadership Tool - Based on the 7 principles of thinking 
  7. What to look for if you want a coach 
  8. Why coaches avoid asking 'Why' questions? 
  9. Heart versus Logic 
  10. Why you would consider working with a coach?
  11. The type of people who don't get coached 
  12. Self acceptance 
  13. "I didn't want to keep living my life based in fear." 
  14. Our thinking gets in the way of us achieving our goals 
  15. Coaching engages your heart. 

Connect with Babette

Unconditional Happiness

Unconditional Happiness

June 2, 2020

In this episode Celeste speaks with Anilji - part time engineer, part time spiritual teacher, part time family person.

This is not your average Q&A. We are talking the world in 100 million years and the billions of years before today - at the same time attempting to find the practical learnings that we can implement today. Expect a mini-brain explosion.  As you can imagine not an easy conversation to keep contained. But we did our best. Our main intention of this podcast was to discuss unconditional happiness and give perspective on why this is the the ultimate desire. 

  1. The more you connect with nature, the more you will know 
  2. You cannot avoid the experience of knowing - which is the changeless attribute in human beings 
  3. What is unconditional/absolute happiness? 
  4. Happiness is always the motivation 
  5. Becoming an authority on unconditional happiness? 
  6. "Awareness is everywhere. It is at all times. It is here. It is now"
  7. Evolution: The Atlantean period, the Lemurian period, the Black Age and the Golden Age where we are heading. 
  8. Corona Virus and Spiritual hierarchies
  9. Religions will disappear 
  10. Why is a Spiritual life important?
  11. Life After Death - The cycle of rebirth 
  12. How operating at your higher nature can help you manage your habits
  13. What to look for if you are searching for a spiritual guru
  14. Humility and simplicity 
  15. The importance of self reflection 
  16. 100 million years from now 

To hear more from Anil Sharma you can visit his YouTube Channel: Absolute Happiness - Inner Awakening

How do I experience more happiness in life?

How do I experience more happiness in life?

May 7, 2020

Jem Fuller, Speaker, Coach and Consultant, focusing in the area of Leadership and Culture Creation. Once was an extrinsic experience junkie. Now has practices that are aligned with the question of 'how do I experience more happiness in life'. A solid hour that you can sit back and enjoy the developed mind of Jem, in relation to his personal experiences and how he sees and lives life. The topics we cover: 

  1. Sticking as something for long enough 
  2. The leadership coach that below me away 
  3. Macro behavioural patterns 
  4. The fear of 'What if I am not enough' 
  5. Mid life awakening
  6. Fears become beliefs 
  7. How we all experience life 
  8. Your relationship with yourself 
  9. The imposter syndrome 
  10. Conscious Leadership 
  11. Am I the driver of my own bus or and I the passenger?
  12. The stuff leaders struggle with the most is the people side 
  13. The more resolved - The more Clearer - The more present 
  14. Mindfulness and money 
  15. Practices 
  16. Quality of life is a direct correlation to the quality of your relationships 
  17. Being friendly to strangers 
  18. The world post Covid
  19. Embracing death as a part of life 
  20. The impact the right coach can have in our life 
  21. Relationship retreats
  22. Starting your personal development journey
Playing to your strengths

Playing to your strengths

April 22, 2020

Murray Guest from 'Inspire My Business' - A coach and facilitator working with small, medium and large businesses in Australia on the areas on leadership, team, culture, performance improvement. Previous to coaching, Murray was working in large companies in leadership roles for 15 years. He has worked with over 2,000 people unlock their strengths - and believes and sees this as fundamental, if you want to live 'A thank God it's Monday' life. The key topics we cover:

  1. The impact of knowing your strengths on your life - both work and personal
  2. Starting a coaching business 
  3. The stigma around "coaching"
  4. Why someone would get a coach 
  5. "Trust" in the coaching relationship
  6. The strengths of a good leader
  7. Breaking the "Leader Hero" cycle
  8. Mindset & Manifestation 
  9. The shifts Murray has experience during Covid - "Don't let a crisis go to waste"
  10. 2020 Word - Everyday
  11. Weaknesses are also our strengths that we overplay 
  12. Do less and be more effective
  13. 'Lego Serious Play' Certification 
  14. What you would tell your 25 year old self 

Connect with Murray Guest - Inspire My Business 

Confidence and Conditioning

Confidence and Conditioning

September 10, 2019

Welcome Jessica Goh, from Life in Confidence. We talk to Jessica about her journey into confidence coaching. A big part of what we discuss is around conditioning (the first 8 years of your life) and how it impacts our lives, but also, how awareness of our conditioning can help us show up, confidently, as the person, we truly are. Key themes we cover in this podcast: 

  1. What is confidence
  2. The journey of self discovery
  3. The ego versus the real you 
  4. Your conditioning = first 8 years of your life 
  5. You create your reality - Acknowledgement, Grief and ceasing to blame others.
  6. The three layers of confidence 
  7. Confidence coaching 
  8. Trusting your internal guidance 
  9. Why we stay in a place that doesn't feel good
  10. We come into this life to experience what the soul deeply desires 
  11. Coaches/mentors show us our blind spots 
  12. "I had the expectation that every man would treat me the way my father treated my mother and I". 
  13. Letting go of resentment
  14. The power of showing up as yourself... without the protection mask.
  15. Character analysis: Are you a Steve Jobs, Marilyn Monroe, Oprah, Miranda Kerr, Donald Trump? 
  16. Voice dialogue: The seeker, the creator, the observer 
  17. Using constellations to explore your energy within a group dynamic.
  18. Self enquiry

Be your greatest potential workshop


How chronic illness changed my life… for the better

How chronic illness changed my life… for the better

September 10, 2019

Lisa Gumieniuk a Coach, Energy Healer, EFT Practitioner.... shares with us her journey of chronic illness, from coming off a year of massive highs to a complete crash... and how she has turned this around to help herself and now help others. Areas we cover: 

  1. Living with a chronic illness 
  2. Not being defined by a chronic illness
  3. The feeling of "Something is missing. There has to be more to life." 
  4.  Type A 'high performer' personality 
  5. "I've learnt that you can turn things around". 
  6. Self Awareness is key. "I actually didn't know who I was". 
  7. Concepts - holding on and letting go.
  8. "I tried to control every aspect of my life.... getting sick changed this". 
  9. Tips of how to 'let go'. 
  10. What is muscle testing. 
  11. What it feels like to be in the flow.
  12. Before my illness - No trust, no universal connection, ignoring the spiritual, emotional and mental and only focusing on the physical. 
  13. The biggest shift in my recovery.
  14. Finding my soul's purpose. 
  15. Advice to someone who has been diagnosed with a chronic illness. 
  16. The importance of self care. 

Life isn’t all about money and success

Life isn’t all about money and success

September 10, 2019

Welcome Munzurul Khan, Principal at Keshab Chartered Accounting and long time property investor. A personality, beliefs and values that extend beyond his day-to-day world of numbers and dollars. What we cover: 

  1. The logical mind of an accountant 
  2. Does money make you happier? 
  3. The fine things in life and the finer things in life.
  4. "We came to Australia with $2,000". 
  5. Ambition versus greed. 
  6. Knowing that nothing is forever. 
  7. Being clear on your vision and goals. 
  8. "Don't under estimate your sixth sense".
  9. "Initially I didn't want do invest in property".
  10. Following your passion. 
  11. Getting the most from your relationship with your accountant.
  12. My 2025 dream 
  13. Parenting - Raising good human beings.
  14. "Can, doesn't mean you should".
  15. Two travel experiences that changed me
  16. Taking responsibility - of your dreams and goals. 
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