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Playing to your strengths

April 22, 2020

Murray Guest from 'Inspire My Business' - A coach and facilitator working with small, medium and large businesses in Australia on the areas on leadership, team, culture, performance improvement. Previous to coaching, Murray was working in large companies in leadership roles for 15 years. He has worked with over 2,000 people unlock their strengths - and believes and sees this as fundamental, if you want to live 'A thank God it's Monday' life. The key topics we cover:

  1. The impact of knowing your strengths on your life - both work and personal
  2. Starting a coaching business 
  3. The stigma around "coaching"
  4. Why someone would get a coach 
  5. "Trust" in the coaching relationship
  6. The strengths of a good leader
  7. Breaking the "Leader Hero" cycle
  8. Mindset & Manifestation 
  9. The shifts Murray has experience during Covid - "Don't let a crisis go to waste"
  10. 2020 Word - Everyday
  11. Weaknesses are also our strengths that we overplay 
  12. Do less and be more effective
  13. 'Lego Serious Play' Certification 
  14. What you would tell your 25 year old self 

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